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Simingrui Advantage
  • Chosen Raw Material
    High-quality EPP beads
  • Stable production process
    Professional design and production team
  • Quality assurance
    We adheres to the principle of quality assurance & strengthens quality management
  • Adopt high technology
    Complete physical and chemical testing equipment
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About us
Qingdao Simingrui Precise Technology Co.,Ltd. is a modern packing products enterprise. The company has two production bases, one in Qingdao and the other one in Zouping, Shandong province. With more than 50,000 square meters, the company is one of largest leading manufacturers of EPP in China at present. Our main business is R & D and production of EPP,EPE,ETPU foam products. With a professional precision mold manufacturing subsidiary, we can promptly provide our clients the design solutions and samples.The company has 12 production lines of EPP/EPE/ EPTU. All of the lines are equipped with the latest molding facilities from the leading manufacturers in the world. Therefore, we ensure to meet quality and production capacity as customer requested. 
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  • Package
  • Delivery
  • Fitness
  • Automative